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Paper Shredding Virginia Gardens

Confidential Document Shredding

All American Shredding offers on-site and off-site destruction of confidential documents. We provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Shredding Companies Virginia Gardens

Hard Drive Shredding

Your hard drive stores confidential information about you, your company and your customers. All American Shredding will destroy all types of media for your protection and the safety of your identity.

    Security / Protection

    What We Shred

    • Invoices

    • Payroll Documents

    • Financial Records

    • Medical Records

    • Business Records

    • Video/Audio Tapes

    • Blue Prints/Maps

    • Income Tax Documents

    • Legal Documents

    • Cancelled/Voided Checks

    • Credit Cards

    • ID Cards

    • Micro Films

    • Microfiche

    • Accounting Records

    • Misprints

    • Computer Printouts

    • Personal Files

    • Advertising Correspondence

    • Customer Documents

    • Hard Drives




    Shredding Companies Virginia Gardens

    Since establishing our company in 2006, All American Shredding has provided the most convenient and affordable document shredding in Virginia Gardens and hard drive destruction services in Virginia Gardens to local area businesses.  Whether we perform these tasks off-site or on-site, our certified and skillfully trained crew can handle a broad range of confidential information including legal and medical documents.  We have streamlined our process to make it easier for our clients to securely dispose of their confidential documents and sensitive materials.

    What Separates Us from other Shredding Companies?

    When searching for an on-site document shredding company in Virginia Gardens to handle your needs, there are certain qualities to look for.  The following qualities are what separate All-American Shredding from our competitors:

    • Our programs are sustainable – as an eco-friendly company, our programs are sustainable in that 100% of all shredded documents are recycled. Contrary to reports from the media or what you might have read online, you can recycle most shredded paper.  At All American Shredding, we ensure that all paper gets recycled.
    • Our services are convenient – our company handles everything involved so all that is required of your employees are putting the documents you want to be destroyed into locking storage bins that we provide with our recurring paper shredding service in Virginia Gardens. We advise companies to follow a “Shred-it-All” policy so their employees don’t have to worry about what is or isn’t sensitive information.
    • Our shredding methods are secure – unfortunately, the state of Florida ranks #1 in identity theft. With our secure shredding methods, you won’t have to worry about data breaches or being a victim of identity theft.  Once your shredding project has been completed, we’ll issue you a Certificate of Destruction so you’ll have peace of mind about the destruction and disposal of your sensitive materials.

    Our industry experience and expertise make All American Shredding the best choice for all your off-site or on-site paper shredding services in Virginia Gardens.

    All American Shredding Saves You Time and Money

    We use truck-mounted industrial-grade shredders that are capable of shredding 2,000 to 3,000 pounds of paper per hour.  Compare that to the tedious, time-consuming job of using a store-bought shredder to handle your needs.  Because of this, your employees may not prioritize shredding company documents and other sensitive materials.  This puts your company at risk of data breaches and identity theft.

    In addition to saving you time, you might be surprised to find out that professional shredding services can be more cost-effective than DIY or in-house shredding.  That’s because there are additional expenses involved when buying a paper shredder for your business.  There’s also the cost of preventative maintenance and eventual replacement costs involved that most business owners and employees overlook.

    Why All-American Shredding?

    We protect businesses of all sizes by providing secure, reliable confidential document shredding in Virginia Gardens and hard drive shredding services in Virginia Gardens and help ensure that all shredding is FACTA, GLBA, and HIPPA compliant.  Your clients or customers expect you to respect and protect their privacy.  Our mobile shredding services specialists in Virginia Gardens offer the best protection for you and your company as well as your customers and employees.

    To learn more about document shredding in Virginia Gardens and hard drive shredding services in Virginia Gardens, call All American Shredding today at (305) 635-6163.

    We serve the following zip codes: 33166 and all surrounding areas.


      Frequently Asked Questions



      Do you provide containers for paper and documents shredding?

      Yes, we can serve our clients with 64 and/or 95-gallon bins.


      In what areas of Florida do you provide service?

      We provide shredding services in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, and Collier.


      Do you provide a certificate of destruction?

      Yes, we provide a notarized Certificate of Destruction upon request. This document will certify that the shredding was executed at a certain date and time.


      What is the difference between on-site and off-site shredding?

      On-site shredding is when our shredding trucks come to your location and shred your documents on the spot. Off-site shredding is when we pick up the documents and bring them to our recycling facility to do the shredding.